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English Learning for Kids

English Ninjas is an online English learning platform. They have two different platforms: one for kids English Ninjas Kids and the other is for adults (or anyone who would like to focus more on speaking practices) Learn English by Speaking with the Best Online Tutors • English Ninjas. You can sign up for one of their subscription packages: 3 months / 6 months / 12 months. If you purchase any packages convenient for you from the link below, you will get an extra discount.


There are native English- speaking teachers you could practice speaking with and you could make bookings or sign in to find an available tutor 24/7. The teachers are really helpful in correcting mistakes and pronunciation without making worry about an accent. You have the option to make appointments for classes and also sometimes, sign in and call a tutor who is online to have a general conversation so you don’t skip any days without practicing. I suggest of course go and try it for yourself; I’m sure you will also find a subscription package that is suitable for your kid's needs.


Quality screen time for kids

Vooks is a kid safe, ad-free streaming library of read aloud animated storybooks.


Be a tutor | Hire a tutor

Tutor2b is a matchmaking platform between subject matter experts who want to be a tutor and online tutoring platforms who need to hire a tutor.

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